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Constatinople’s fortifications. Reconstruction
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Articles and books
  • Lupus in fabulis. Les métamorphoses étranges du St. Christophe dans l’Eglise orthodoxe. Veselina Vachkova

  • Memory and Oblivion in Byzantium, Sofia, 2011 (eds. A. Milanova, V. Vachkova, Tsv. Stepanov)

  • Imagining Byzantium from "Dysis": Some Topoi in Bulgarian Apocalyptic Literature, 11th – 13th Centuries
    Tsvetelin Stepanov

  • The Pyres in Byzantium: Apropos of the Religious, Pseudo-religious and Anti-religious Aggression
    Vesselina Vatchkova

  • The Blank Spaces in Bulgarian Cultural Memory
    by Vesselina Vachkova

  • Mediaevalia Christiana, vol. 2. (изд. Г. Казаков, Цв. Степанов), С., 2007

  • Medieval Christianitas. Different Regions, `Faces`, Approaches. (eds. Tsv. Stepanov, G. Kazakov). S. 2010 (Summary).

  • The Bulgarian Theme in Constantinople`s Monuments. (A new approach to the study of Bulgarian and Byzantine cultural memory).
    by Vesselina Vachkova
  • Translations
  • Palladas. Epigrams.
    (Ed. D. Iliev)

  • Exuviae sacrae Constantinopolitanae
    (PDF - Robert de Clary. ed. V. Ninov)

  • Parastaseis syntomai chronikai (II)
    (PDF Parastaseis syntomai chronikai II. Ed. V. Vachkova)

  • Benjamin of Tudela
    (PDF Benjamin of Tudela. Ed. V. Ninov)

  • Parastaseis syntomai chronikai
    (Ed. V. Vachkova)

  • Odo de Deuil. De profectione Ludovici VII in orientem
    (Ed. V. Ninov)
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