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The Edict of Serdica (AD 311): Concepts and Realizations of the Idea of Religious Toleration.

Interdisciplinary Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, April 27th – 28 th, 2012
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Celebration of 1 700 years of Galerius` Edict of Toleration, issued on 29/30 April 311, in Serdica.

1. Performance "Edict of Serdica or how the new world was born". Organizers: Byzantium Working Group, National Lyceum of Classic Languages and Cultures "St. Constantine Cyril the Philosopher", Sofia`s Opera.

The show was held on April 30 (the date of issuance of the Serdica edict) from 18 pm in Room 11 of the National Palace of Culture as part of the celebrations of the event under the auspices of the Metropolitan Municipality

Moments of the show see the Gallery.

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